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CarWoo! Website Review & Ratings + CarWoo! Coupons

CarWoo!: Products & Services

CarWoo! aspires to offer buyers the best way to purchase a new car online.   CarWoo! takes down the buyers’ information, the make, model and color of the car they are looking for (the more details provided the better the offers dealers can make), ensures they are ready to buy and then contacts dealers on their behalf to get them a great deal.   This works favorably both ways.   Staying anonymous, buyers get a hassle-free car-buying experience where they don't receive unwanted phone calls and emails piling up in their inbox from dealerships, letting them buy a car comfortably from home.   On the other hand, dealers get a high-quality source of leads and qualified buyers, which means more cars sold each month.

Dealers don't get to see any of buyers’ personal information to make their offers.   CarWoo! shows them only what kind of car buyers are looking for and buyers’ first name.  CarWoo! keeps buyers’ full name, email address and phone number hidden from dealers until buyers have picked the offer they want to accept, at which point CarWoo! gives the winning dealer only buyers’ contact information so that buyers can arrange a time to pick up the car.   Dealers can only communicate with buyers through an email and phone proxy provided by CarWoo!

Buyers can negotiate and make counter-offers with many dealers at ease.   CarWoo! provides buyers with offer comparison tools to help make a decision, but at the end of the day it's completely up to them.   Just remember, the offer with the lowest price isn't necessarily the best deal – a buyer should make his/her choice based on which one gives him/her the most "bang for his/her buck."   Once a buyer has found his/her perfect car and dealer, he/she reserves the car, prints out a CarWoo! Claim Certificate with the car's specs and the final price on it to present to the dealer, visits the dealership to complete the deal and takes the car home.

All other sites sell buyers’ emails and phone numbers to dealers – not CarWoo!   CarWoo! is not a broker.   CarWoo! ensures full transparency, buyer privacy, clear and open communication between the buyer and seller and a fun and easy way for buyers and sellers to work with each other.   The actual transaction occurs at the dealership.

CarWoo! is free to use for in-market car buyers.   Then, how does CarWoo! make money?   CarWoo! has a product they sell to dealerships called Dealer Plus.   Dealers who choose to pay CarWoo! get a dedicated CarWoo! Performance Manager who provides ongoing support to help the dealership be their best on CarWoo!   They also get data about the marketplace that helps them make better pricing decisions, understand a buyer’s car buying journey and insights into their performance in the marketplace. 

On CarWoo!’s website, buyers can access useful information like How It Works, Why CarWoo?, Dealer Reviews and New Car Prices, while dealers have their share of handy tips from the For Dealers page among others.

Currently, CarWoo! is only available in the United States.

CarWoo!: Company Background

CarWoo! was founded in 2008 by Tommy McClung, Erik Landerholm and Michael Young, based in Burlingame, California, with the mission to make buying a new car fun and easy. was created on the Internet on Oct. 2, 2008.   A member of the 2009 Y Combinator ( class, CarWoo! is funded by Blumberg Capital (, Comcast Interactive Capital ( and Interwest Partners (   Y Combinator is a prestigious program that has developed a new model of startup funding.

Now with Tommy McClung as CEO and Erik Landerholm as CTO, CarWoo! dealer network includes over half of all new car dealers nationwide (presently, CarWoo! is only available in the United States) and it is growing every day.   CarWoo! has dealers in all 50 states, covering every make and model (except for the exotics).   CarWoo! is the leading online marketplace for automotive buyers and dealers.

CarWoo!: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Comments about CarWoo!, whether customer or editorial, around the Web are generally positive. for example rates CarWoo! 7.33/10 based on 46 reviews.   Below are reviews quoted from the Internet.

Posted on helped me get the car of my dreams at the best price. I had looked in person at dealerships, when I did not know about Carwoo. Then, I found Carwoo. Carwoo let me be anonymous to get bids from different dealerships and then they facilitated the ability to counter-offer to multiple dealerships in a mouse click! Their customer service at Carwoo was excellent. They are so professional and helpful to the consumer. This made the whole car-haggling ordeal much easier and quicker. Not to mention using much less gas and wear and tear on me!
- jt66899, March 19, 2013
I try to use carwoo to get good price for a new Camry LE, however only 2 dealer response, and their price are way up. So I really don't know why anyone will use this website.
- dbspaceg, Nov. 21, 2012
I got a pretty good deal by going through Carwoo. I got several offers on the car I wanted. The lowest offer was lower than the local dealers - so I went with it, after negotiating it down a little bit more. It saved me the hassle of having to go from dealer to dealer, and to do comparisons, etc. The entire process was hassle-free, from my standpoint. The only caveat in using this website is- you need to know what you want. You cant browse on this website.
- ravi2445, Sep. 23, 2012

Published on Yahoo! Voices:
Review of Carwoo.Com
By Lindsay Woodland, Yahoo! Contributor Network -- June 27, 2011

This review of comes with a surprising confession: at the age of 34, I have never bought a car of my own. I live in NYC, where a car is not really a necessity, so I have made do with a clunker like my current 13-year-old ride. However, my husband now has a job in Connecticut, so a reliable car is a must. We decided: it's time to shop for a car.

In researching various car-buying options online, I ran across a new website called, which promises a hassle-free method of getting a great deal on a new car. In theory, it sounds like a brilliant idea -- you pay a small fee to Carwoo ($44 currently), create a "reverse auction" for the car you desire, and Carwoo shops your request to local dealerships. Carwoo lets you create up to three auctions, if you are undecided on the make and model of your desired vehicle. Carwoo has a fairly large network of participating dealers, and guarantees that you will get at least five offers. Once the offers come in on Carwoo, you can compare them, make counteroffers, or allow the dealers to try to undercut each other, which theoretically should get you the best price possible on your new car.

I had already begun the tedious process of gathering internet price quotes by the time I found Carwoo, but I decided to sign up anyway in the hope that Carwoo would make the process more efficient and reach out to a greater variety of dealers than I could reach on my own. I created two Carwoo auctions for models that interested me, and about an hour after I signed up for Carwoo, I received my first offer, from a dealer that I probably wouldn't have found on my own. Yay for Carwoo! Or so I thought.

After several days, I had received only four offers on one Carwoo auction and two on another. When I followed up with the dealers via email or phone, I was dismayed to learn that they didn't always actually have a vehicle in stock that was available at the quoted price, or that the quoted price didn't include fees (which vary widely from dealer to dealer), or that it was based on rebates for which I didn't qualify. All of these tactics allowed the dealers to submit enticingly low quotes on Carwoo, but didn't allow me to find out the true price of a car without hours of tedious research outside of Carwoo (i.e., the same thing I had been doing on my own before I found Carwoo).

Due to the lack of offers, I got an email from Carwoo customer service, stating that one car I had chosen was out of stock at many dealers and that I could create a new auction if I desired. I replied that the system hadn't worked for me and requested a refund, which they were happy to provide. If nothing else, Carwoo's customer service practices are terrific.

I still think Carwoo is a great idea, but they need to require a bit more honesty and transparency from their dealers if the system is to function correctly. Dealers should be required to submit price quotes that are broken down to indicate the selling price of the car, the price of any options, the destination fee, any other dealer fees, and they should NOT be allowed to include rebates in their Carwoo quotes without disclosing them, so that customers can do a true apples-to-apples comparison without all the extra work. I hope Carwoo has worked out the kinks by the time I need to shop for another car!

CarWoo!: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

CarWoo! is a BBB non-accredited company.   Businesses are under no obligation to seek BBB accreditation, and some businesses are not accredited because they have not sought BBB accreditation.   However, as indicated in detail in the Social Media Presence section below, CarWoo! has been featured in various major media.   This leading automotive marketplace’s transactions are also well secured, using physical, managerial and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of all information collected.   This is about security, but it adds to the company’s business credibility.   Lastly, according to, CarWoo! is rated excellent (81) for trustworthiness and excellent (81) for vendor reliability

CarWoo!: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

CarWoo! enjoys good traffic ranking in the United States.   This buy-a-new-car-online provider, according to Alexa, has a three-month traffic ranking #125,915 globally, but #42,417 in the United States.   This is understandable, as currently, CarWoo! is only available in the United States.   The site is highly popular among users in the cities of Nashville (#6,634), San Diego (#14,451) and Atlanta (#20,862).   According to, reaches roughly 136,290 users and delivers about 299,880 pageviews each month.   According to, CarWoo! has a Google pagerank of 6/10 (the page rank value is 6 from 10 possible points).

CarWoo!: Social Media Presence

CarWoo! has appeared in numerous social media, among which are Xconomy, TechCrunch, Today, The New York Times, CNN, Time, Wired, Reuters, Mashable, Lifehacker, ReadWrite, VentureBeat, AOL Autos and   This online marketplace for automotive buyers and dealers operates a blog, with the latest posting dated May 10, 2013.   CarWoo!’s pages on Facebook show 192,288 likes, with the latest postings dated June 7, 2013.   Their Twitter account records 5,414 followers, 3,001 following and 5,068 tweets, with the latest posting dated June 16, 2013.   CarWoo!’s Google+ shows nine people have CarWoo! in their circles, while CarWoo!’s YouTube channel records 7 subscribers and 11,719 views.

CarWoo!: Website Security & Safety

CarWoo! uses physical, managerial and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of all information collected through their service.   CarWoo! protects the security of information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the information input.   They also take measures to safeguard against credit card fraud by only showing the last five digits of a customer’s credit card to confirm orders and when updating credit card information.   All credit card information is stored in an encrypted database and CarWoo! limits access to this database only to employees that need to assist in credit card orders, transactions or issues.   This online marketplace for automotive buyers and dealers uses secure (https://) connection for their dealers pages, such as,,, and

A diagnostic test made on Google today June 18, 2013 indicates that is not currently listed as suspicious and has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.   Over the past 90 days, did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites.

CarWoo!: Pricing & Packages

CarWoo! deals in service, facilitating consumers in the purchase of a new car by contacting dealers on their behalf to get them a great deal and on the other hand, providing car dealers with high-quality, free source of leads from the web to boost their sales.   CarWoo! is free to use for in-market car buyers.   Thus, CarWoo! does not sell merchandise goods and there is no pricing involved.   As with car prices, these depend on the dealership locations and the dealerships themselves.   CarWoo! is not a broker.   CarWoo! ensures full transparency, buyer privacy, clear and open communication between the buyer and seller and a fun and easy way for buyers and sellers to work with each other.   The actual transaction occurs at the dealership.   CarWoo! never buys or sells cars -- only CarWoo! dealers and buyers do that.

CarWoo!: Shipping Rates & Policies

CarWoo! is an online marketplace for automotive buyers and dealers.   They make it easy for consumers to purchase a new car by contacting dealers on their behalf to get them a great deal.   For dealers on the other hand, this translates to a high-quality, free source of leads from the web and more cars sold each month.   So, CarWoo! deals in service and is not involved with shipping, whether domestically or internationally, and has nothing to do with shipping rates/policies.

CarWoo!: Payment Methods Accepted

CarWoo! is free to use for in-market car buyers.   CarWoo! makes money from a product they sell to dealerships called Dealer Plus.   Thus, car buyers have nothing to pay and payment method as well as alternative payment methods such as Debit Card, PayPal, EbillMe, BillMeLater, E-Check, EFT, QPass etc. are not relevant in this case.

CarWoo!: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

CarWoo! offers stress-free service to buyers in purchasing a car online by receiving firm price offers from and engage with multiple dealerships.   Once a buyer has found his/her perfect car and dealer, he/she reserves the car, prints out a CarWoo! Claim Certificate, visits the dealership to complete the deal and takes the car home.   Thus, CarWoo! deals in service and does not sell merchandise goods and there is nothing to return or exchange.   Finalizing the deal is made between the buyer and the dealership.

CarWoo!: Product images & screenshots
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